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ChiWriMo's Haikus
You need just 6K
School needs spice to keep it fun
pornography sprint! @knittingcoffee
Submitted on Nov 28th, 2011 [view]

Last dance, last chance for
romance? death? to save the day?
my novel ends... how?
Submitted on Nov 28th, 2011 [view]

CTA Write-in
round and round we go, circling
like holes in my plot
Submitted on Nov 27th, 2011 [view]

pig with two heads eats
my words and spits them out like
nanowrimo farts
Submitted on Nov 27th, 2011 [view]

We soar on your words
we run on your donations
your story matters
Submitted on Nov 26th, 2011 [view]

Only six days left
Must. Write. Must. Focus. Must... *thunk*
Tryptophan coma
Submitted on Nov 25th, 2011 [view]

No write-ins today
Happy Thanksgiving to all
more words tomorrow!
Submitted on Nov 24th, 2011 [view]

it's gray and rainy
bring your angst to a write in -
Open Books! Dice Dojo!
Submitted on Nov 22nd, 2011 [view]

One. Six. Six. Seven.
No sense in waiting to write.
Start; continue; end. - Slow the Second
Submitted on Nov 20th, 2011 [view]

Friday night social
beer, readings, beer, wrimo friends
writing hurts today
Submitted on Nov 19th, 2011 [view]

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