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shadfromdc's Haikus
There were two bad snaps:
The first one from the center-
And RGIII's knee. @andypollin1 @kevins980
Submitted on Jan 7th, 2013 [view]

Tony Kornheiser
And the greatest fans ever.
For what I'm thankful.
Submitted on Nov 24th, 2011 [view]

They should hate Steve Jobs.
But some greed-heads, get a pass.
Occupy D.C.!
Submitted on Oct 7th, 2011 [view]

Plus a hurricane, equals-
It smells like hot dogs...
Submitted on Aug 27th, 2011 [view]

Many are in need.
Can't spend what you do not have.
The debt crisis blues.
Submitted on Jul 30th, 2011 [view]

4 runs in the first?!?
Welcome back to the majors.
Got wang chunged tonight....
Submitted on Jul 29th, 2011 [view]

Sweat forms, knees tremble,
Hands shake and heart starts racing.
That little black dress.
Submitted on Jul 25th, 2011 [view]

The power of Kate.
Submitted on Apr 1st, 2010 [view]

He's the golden goose.
He's the butter for their bread.
He's too big to fail.
Submitted on Apr 1st, 2010 [view]

Armpits are on fire.
Makes "double pits to chesty"
Seem a little tame.
Submitted on Mar 31st, 2010 [view]

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